5th Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference & Exhibition | ‘Managing NRW the Asian Way and Enabling Indonesian Water Utilities’

NRW Specialized Workshop - 7 September 2016, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

NRW Specialized Workshop: “Effective NRW Water Balance and NRW Audits”
The NRW calculation is a fairly simple calculation with measured billed volume subtracted from measured treated water volume. However in reality there are many factors that can affect this simple calculation including:

• Production meter accuracy
• WTP outlets with no meter
• Customer Meter accuracy
• Non read meters
• Customers with no meters
• Meter reading cycles

It is therefore important to establish what the current accuracy of the above factors is, so that a true picture of the NRW level can be established.
NRW Water audits should include:

• Checking all WTP outlets to review production meter status
• Checking the calibration of all production meters
• Reviewing the customer metering policies and meter status
• Reviewing the meter reading and billing cycle

Once this is complete we should have a more accurate understanding of the current levels of NRW. However NRW has many different components and it is necessary to establish the magnitude through the undertaking of a NRW water balance analysis using the standard format, developed by the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group.

System Input Volume Authorised Consumption Billed Authorised Consumption Billed Metered Consumption Revenue Water
Billed Unmetered Consumption
Unbilled Authorised Consumption Unbilled Metered Consumption Non Revenue Water
Unbilled Unmetered Consumption
Water Losses Apparent Losses Unauthorised Consumption
Customer Meter Inaccuracies
Real Losses Leakage on Transmission and Distribution Mains
Leakage on Overflows at Storage Tanks
Leakage on Service Connections up to point of Customer Meter

This workshop will undertake a detailed overview of the different components of NRW and how to undertake a NRW Water Balance, using a standard software package.

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