5th Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference & Exhibition | ‘Managing NRW the Asian Way and Enabling Indonesian Water Utilities’

Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference – 6 September 2016, Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

Many water utilities in Asia still struggle with planning and implementing accurate and effective water loss management systems. Aging infrastructure, lack of incentives and lack of technological know-how are among reasons the Asian water sector continues to lose $9 billion per year in NRW (Asian Development Bank), affecting the financial viability of water utilities. In some South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, the problem is exacerbated by rapid urbanization that has outpaced investment in water infrastructure leading to inadequate access to safe water.

The water industry in Asia and in many parts of the world today face the challenge of integrating systems end-to-end to provide real-time leak management that is the only way to get reliable, measurable data in order to improve performance, reduce wastage and increase revenue effectively. This issue will be the addressed at the WLA 2016 Conference bringing top speakers comprising NRW experts, policy makers and key water industry players to discuss issues and solutions to this problem.

Topics that will be covered in this Conference include:
  • Leakage Detection
  • Advances in Technologies for Smart Metering
  • Pressure Management
  • NRW Projects
  • Commercial Efficiency of Water Utilities
  • District Metering Areas
  • GIS
  • Hydraulic Modelling
  • Management of Distribution Networks to Reduce Water Loss
  • New Technology Advancements to Aid Water Loss Reduction
  • Transient Impacts on Leakage Levels
  • Water Loss Reduction Strategies
  • Indonesia NRW Successes
  • NRW Audits
The Conference provides an ideal platform for professionals to gain valuable insights on how NRW is being successfully managed in Asia, to network and exchange knowledge with leading industry layers and experts from public and private sector both locally and abroad, to establish productive strategic partnerships, and to make the right connections with potential clients from Asia.

Participate in the Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference and tap into a world of opportunities in the NRW industry!

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