5th Water Loss Asia 2016 Conference & Exhibition | ‘Managing NRW the Asian Way and Enabling Indonesian Water Utilities’

Organisers and Partners

Indonesia Water Supply Association
PERPAMSI, or the Indonesia Water Supply Association, is the official umbrella organization for water utilities across Indonesia, representing all Regional Water Companies (PDAMs) since 1972, and has played a major role in:

• Coordinating activities between donors, government and investors with PDAMs
• Provide the best solutions for improving the performance of the companies
• Dissemination professional business principles in the operation of PDAMs
• Motivate PDAMs to enhance the knowledge, skills and career planning of employees

PERPAMSI is committed to achieving its goals of assisting the Government in realizing a just and prosperous society by ensuring the material well being and harmony in the community in accordance to the Pancasila and the Constitution of 1945, especially in the field of drinking water supply; and to develop and improve the operations of water utilities based on established guidelines and current best practices in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding in order to meet the drinkable water requirements of all Indonesians. To date the association has 425 members, of which 383 are Regional Water Companies (PDAM) offices.

Visit us at: www.perpamsi.or.id
Organising and Managing successful events since 1984
PROTEMP (Professional Trade Exhibition and Meeting Planners) has organized and managed more than 300 trade exhibitions and conferences throughout Asia from its founding to date. With a proven track record and the ability to draw on our capabilities and efficient event management system across the entire value chain, we are positioned to deliver successful events for industries. Founded in 1984 as a dedicated exhibition services provider, PROTEMP has grown to become a leading trade exhibition and conference management company; organizing, managing and representing industry events in China, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Today, PROTEMP is an ISO 9001:2008 certified regional Exhibition and Conference Company, with project personnel well trained in project management.

PROTEMP has established a strong portfolio in growing industry sectors such as Water & Wastewater, Biotechnology, BioSafety & BioSecurity, ICT, Retail, Science & Technology, Food & Hospitality, SMI Development, Manufacturing, and many more.

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